Bell Just Falls Short

Ian Bell got out to Ishant Sharma in the Nottingham test match at another low score. He was timing the ball beautifully even on that slow pitch and was taking England into a safer position, but, against the run of play, all of a sudden, he was dismissed.

To be fair to Bell, it was a great ball. On a slow pitch, as a batsman, you don’t expect the ball to bounce above the shoulder height when pitched slightly back of a length. You generally go for the cut shot on such deliveries and Bell also tried to do that. But, that was an effort ball from Ishant. It just kept rising and rising and despite Bell’s attempt to get his bat away in the last second, the edge was taken and he was caught behind.

That wicket was the start of a batting collapse for England as they lost three more wickets after that in the same session and it seemed as if they were in trouble, but, thanks to a couple of late partnerships between Joe Root and the tail-enders which revived the hosts from that position.

Bell has played more than 100 test matches now and he is one of the very few experienced players left in this new looking England line up. But, he has not been able to score big in recent times. It’s not that his form has been poor. He has actually been hitting the ball as well as anyone. It’s just that he isn’t carrying on for long.

Knowing Bell, he himself would be aware that as senior statesman of the side, he needs to set example for the youngsters in the remaining part of the India series and he would definitely work hard to come up with a big innings in the next test match.