10 thoughts on “Cricket World® TV – Alastair Cook Interview”

  1. Very good looking..a perfect mills & boons hero material…dark hair,sharp features..the english accent!he’s got it all

  2. holy goddamn he is attractive. saw him at the ashes at the scg yesterday, he’s so humble and nice about autographing everyone’s stuff. and even more good looking in real life.

  3. @passycot yea defiantely hes up there for one of the hottest men alive. hes got something very diffrent but very attractive. however cricketers are coool

  4. @passycot Just to add i watch football too, but i get so bored watching the ball being flung around and nothing happening. It is also a very difficult game full of challenging, and nerve racking situations! Anyway i respect your opinion, but cricket is a great sport which can amaze you! You should give it a chance..! He is hot as hell, and a great sportsman!

  5. @passycot While i obviously agree about his movie star looks, i have to hugely disagree with your comment regarding cricket as a sport. I am a massive fan of the game. When i was a kid and my dad would put on cricket, i would get so pissed and find it boring as hell! But when i grew up and and actually understood it, i was hooked! And of course the hot guys are a bonus! Cricket is an elegent game and believe me it requires a lot of energy and athletism. It’s full of twists and excitement.!

  6. @angel21forever100 Yeah he’s the most handsome cricketer i’ve seen. He could be a movie star. He probably should have tried acting as being a cricketer is a pathetic excuse for a sportsman.

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