13 thoughts on “England Lions – Eoin Morgan hits 156 not out against Sri Lanka”

  1. @TheReadingStudent : Morgan is Irish. You people like stealing players from countries that are just starting to rise in cricket. England should be banned for few years for this.

  2. @TheReadingStudent Er, no, yeah sorry wasn’t very nice, im well aware Bopara is English and was born in England, im just irish and spiteful that they you rob our best players and dont play them!!

  3. @cricketniall Er, are you an idiot? I mean this with the best of intentions because obviously you don’t realise England is a very multi-cultural society these days. Have you listened to Ravi Bopara talk? Where he grew up? What COUNTRY he has lived in most (if not all) of his life?

  4. @TheReadingStudent Bopara? Very English name! I hate that chap, Morgans 100 times better, pity that… Don’t know how well an ‘Englishman’ will fit into that team!!

  5. Very talented young man. I think if he can play sweeps and shots like that, Mendis might struggle a bit with him… Mind you he struggled against Warwickshire in the county game, only took one wicket and Warwickshire got 600+… Go on Eoin!

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