25 thoughts on “Eoin Morgan reverse reverse sweep!”

  1. @suryarave1 if ireland had a test side worthy of morgans talentshe would bein it, but they havent so its not worth debating

  2. @robpri he didnt gt a flying start so what? raina averages something similiar but they are clearly better than the averages suggest

  3. @RodPod789 I don’t know, how does i taste? Take a look at Morgans Test career, averaging a paltry 31 I believe. Not a fan of Bopara either but sooner have him in the test team rather than this showboater.

  4. Oh, I though robpri was saying he’s Mother Teresa if he’s an ENGLISH player, which goes for 80% of the team. 😛 I think next Ashes one of the matches will be in Cape Town

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