Eoin Morgan wants to Feature in Test Cricket

Eoin Morgan doesn’t think that he is going to be needed to serve the Three Lions in 5-day Cricket anymore, but, he won’t stop featuring in the red ball competition at the county level.

Many players when they realize that they are in the frame of selection only in limited over Cricket and their test ambitions are not realistic anymore, they separate themselves from the first class Cricket as well.

But, as per Morgan, even if someone is playing only limited-over Cricket at the international level, it’s important for him to still face the red ball every now and again in the domestic circuit because the red ball throws tough challenges towards the batsman and makes him more solid.

In the opinion of Morgan, in limited-over Cricket, there are certain times when protecting his wicket becomes more important for the batsman than scoring runs and at those times, what a batsman needs is the technique and not the striking ability and red ball Cricket is the best way to keep the technique in shape.

While England’s captaincy has changed hands at the test level and has gone in the hands of Joe Root, it’s the same in the other two formats and Morgan still remains at helm despite the fact that Root is there playing in coloured clothing as well.

Morgan reckons that test captaincy is a highly stressful thing and takes a hell of a lot out of a player. So, Root can see limited-over games as an opportunity to enjoy himself, be free flowing and release a little bit of his stress and at the same time if he wants, he can provide his tactical inputs to the team management as well. His inputs would be valuable because he would be gaining a lot of experience as a test captain.