18 thoughts on “Hidden talent in Cricket”

  1. He is gonna represent the Netherlands :-)… I’m going to see him at Lords vs Pakistan.

  2. yeah but im pretty sure i read that he was going to represent netherlands because he didnt get selected for australia.

  3. my associate dream team.
    1.J Davidson (Can)
    2. W Porterfield (Ire)
    3. N OBrien (Ire)
    4. R Ten Doeschate (Ned)
    5. D Hemp (Ber)
    6. G Snyman (Nam)
    7. T Johnston (Ire)
    8. S Dhanirum (Can)
    9. W Rankin (Ire)
    10. D Nannes (Ned)
    11. J Blain (Sco)

  4. homosexuality isnt a crime in most western oriented countries. half the kiwi team is bi

  5. i am an indian but i alwyas love holland cricket team. wish you guys all the best

  6. hey miss abdevillierslover,lovely video….u hav made videos ov Stuart,ab,Hillary duff,Netherland & Ireland (dis 1),Morkel,Steyn etc…..i like all ov dem…dis is a lovely video…sorry i cudn’t recognise…concentrating on Ireland & Netherland! gr8…u seem like English or African (probably)…do u hav pro on facebook or orkut…?…hey Pforpappi…dutch cricket doesn’t suck!…..hey kervezee….dese r minnows dahlin’….south africa rose & dese vil rise i hope but rite now dey r minnows!

  7. whose the bitch u’r callin? Did I say dutch cricket rulz, buh stil u shdn’t say it sucks…

  8. y wat did i do?….I’m not dum…may be u r(sorry, cuz i dun like hurting ppl)…n i already kno that 🙂

  9. sorry but i dont now how dum you can be because he is going to play for england under 19 2008.
    so shhh please be quit .

  10. ok then, shall i change the title of the video…and i hop alex kervezee gets a chance to play for eng, which is his dream!

  11. please dont say minnow because south africa was also an minnow in the world cup 1992

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