8 thoughts on “Jaguar & England Cricket”

  1. @jwatwater ive seen xf’s with the leaper and it looks so ugly, just ruins
    the lines of the hood i think.

  2. Jaguar: Stay clear of cricket and golf for promotions. They’re both dull
    sports who attract the sort of people who like pipe smoking and beer
    bellies at the golf club. That sort of image has been with Jaguar for years
    and it’s damaging, that’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t buy one; but
    now the cars look high-tech, exciting, gorgeous and proud – not Chumley
    Warners postage stamp collection. Don’t go backwards. Move forwards.

  3. I love Jags. however, if the leaper on the hood came back… tht wldnt b a
    bad thing…

  4. @jwatwater yeah, go to the jaguar website and if you build one its an

  5. @vegasblazer702 yeah… i knw. I looked it up and found on with the leaper,
    and it does look… odd. I just think they shouldve worked the front so it
    wouldnt have looked so out of place, it’s like ther signiture, u know?

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