5 thoughts on “Morgan: We got the starts but didn’t go on”

  1. This tour is a disaster, it’s worse than 06/07. England are getting a
    lesson on foot on the throat cricket. For a long time I have felt that
    England take their foot off the gas when winning and allow the opposition
    back in, these aussies aren’t making that mistake. As much as I can’t stand
    Clarke and Boof, you have to admire their will to want to stamp this
    England team and Captain into the dirt. I just wish England captains and
    players had the same desire. It’s tough to watch, it must be soul
    destroying for the players, especially Cook. Let’s hope these players are
    learning that when you are on top you keep your foot on the throat and you
    don’t give an inch

  2. Swap Cook for Morgan as captain, let Cook just focus on his batting and get
    SOME runs before the end of the tour. Morgan is t20 captain or has been, he
    can be a very good captain. Cook lacks inventiveness and his lack of form
    doesn’t help

  3. England fielding & placement was not working Thus Australia got the runs in
    40 overs Cook is not a good thinker..England will lose all the one days it
    will be 5/0….its all over

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