Paul Farbrace comments on England’s Follow On Decision

Paul Farbrace says when the England team had turned up on the ground on the third day, the strategy was not to put Pakistan in the field once they were all out, but, to impose the follow-on and have them batting again and that’s why, in the opening session, the main bowlers of the side were not bowled too much so that they could be ready to steam in with new red duke.

But, one of the lower order partnerships from Pakistan stretched their innings to afternoon which forced the think tank to reconsider the plan they had thought of initially because the condition for batting had not remained difficult enough and letting Pakistan bat at that time was risky in the sense that they could have scored their runs quickly under the bright sun and the pacers could have lost their energy too bowling in the heat.

So, the think tank was quick to alter the earlier plan. It was a unanimous opinion of everyone that batting the next day or the day after that would not be as easy as it was at that point of time and also the bowlers would be stingier having had their feet up for some time and then coming back. And, nobody was unsure regarding it. It was not as if after the decision, people inside the change room were saying oh, should we have done that, should we have not, what if it rains for the next two days or anything of that sort. Once it was agreed that’s what the team would do, that topic was over and nobody was talking about it. Thereafter, it was just about moving ahead in the game and score briskly which the skipper himself did.