21 thoughts on “St. Columba’s .v. CUS Cricket Match 2005”

  1. if you play cricket. you are not irish. you may have lived in ireland all your days, as did your father and grandfather. your still not irish. if you think i’m wrong, get a dna test?

  2. Former coach Graham Roope, the England cricketer who died on holiday last year, would have been proud of his team as Woodhouse Grove scored 407 for 2 declared against Silcoates, winning by 234 runs. Gareth Phillips was dismissed for 71 in an opening partnership of 144, but Nick Lindley (173) and Tom Dalton (144 not out) then added 263 in only 23 overs.

  3. Said Paul Adams ‘frog-in-the-blender’ wannabe returned figures of 10-2-19 that day. Not bad when the other 25 overs of the innings went for 150! Cheers anyway.

  4. Once you get beyond the fact most of the batsmens’ movements are a blurr you appreciate that the camerawork/editing makes this video The slow-mo of ball after ball where nothing happens builds the anticipation of the final slow-mo where the guy is bowled, the scene at 01:00 where the B&W is used in the fashion of a 90’s music clip. Great!

  5. My favourite cricket video on youtube, always come back every so often to relive the excitement, the over-throws, the passages of filming where the batsman is comfortably blocking the ball, the Paul Adams ‘frog-in-the-blender’ wannabe.

  6. Eoin Morgan’s the best batsman in the video and the legbreaker or spiner is a good a bowler in the video

  7. I really like this video, can u tell me link to cricket videos, love this one 😀

  8. Last night I had a really good dream about Eoin Morgan, that he kissed me. I really like Eoin Morgan, he is a gr8 fielder, love him.
    Nice video.

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